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Forestry Material

Yardage Calculator

To calculate yardage for your project enter length, width, and depth.

A.G Appel manufactured their own gravel products and forestry material in various pits located around Kelowna. Many located on the outskirts of towns, making us the best choice for you forestry material needs.

Forestry Material Products:

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Sands & Gravels


Recycled Products

2 " Drain Rock
Forestry Material
Screened Topsoil
Recycled Concrete
  • 1″ Drain rock
  • 3-6″ Cobble rock
  • More
  • Bedding sand
  • 3/4″ Minus Crush
  • More
  • Topsoil
  • Mixed soil
  • More
  • 6″ minus crushed concrete
  • More

Material From Other Sources:

A.G Appel does not manufacture any of the following products in their own pits, our trucks can haul them from other sources.

Glenmore Grow
Radon Rock
Pea gravel
Washed products
Masonry sands
Landscape Products

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