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A.G Appel Enterprises team is highly skilled and knowledgable when it comes to your residential packer job. Whether you are building a new driveway or parking area to prepping for a foundation, we have the right compactor  for your project.

Residential Packer Services:

Wondering if you need a packer for your project? Trying to decide what size would work? or are you thinking of renting one and doing it yourself? These are all questions A.G Appel’s knowledgable team can help you answer.

Contact Us to see if one of our Packers is right for your projects.

Packer Sizes:

  • 84″ ride on roller
  • 40″ ride on roller

Residential Packer Uses:

  • Residential PackerCompacting foundations
  • Compacting driveways, parking lots and roads
  • Concrete and asphalt prep
  • Obtaining¬†proper densities




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