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Gravel Trucks:

A.G Appel has a large fleet of gravel trucks, including single axle, tandem axle & pups and end dumps. Our team is skilled and knowledgable when it comes to your residential gravel truck projects. Not sure what size truck you need for you project? Contact Us to talk to an expert.

Residential Gravel Truck Sizes:

Tandem Axle: up to 10-12 yards material
Tandem Axle & Trailer: up to 20-24 yards of material
End dump: up to 20-24 yards of material

Use our Yardage Calculator to find out how much material your project will need, Make sure to click the compactable material box when working with gravels, sands etc.

(Full loads of material are 10 yards, with the exception of soils which are 12 yards)

Residential Gravel Truck Services:

  • Residential gravel truck & trailerDelivering materials manufactured in one of A.G Appel’s many gravel pits
  • Delivering materials from other sources
  • Hauling away extra materials from lots
  • Hauling away debris to landfill
  • Hauling away trees, shrubs and grass to landfill
  • Hauling away concrete and asphalt to A.G Appel’s recycling plants

Contact Us for pricing on material and hauling

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